Holiday Bowling

By Obnoxious John | Jan 04, 2011

As I sit here composing this blog on Christmas Eve several things come to mind that qualify as subjects for this edition.

I could recount the trials and tribulations of a computer slowly failing. Failing so slowly, in fact, I didn't realize how sick it was until it expired. That made it rather difficult to blog. Then I had to replace the old system and that comes with it's own tale of woe too.

Since last writing the World Series came and went. The M's fired and hired managers. The Seahawks are having a season that could be fairly characterized as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” for those familiar with that story. The Huskies are returning to a bowl game, albeit with a .500 record. The WSU basketball team appears to be as good as any in the Pac (still)10 Conference.

Finally though, I have a chance to sit here and put a few thoughts together concerning a game that rarely gets discussed in these blogs. I speak of bowling.

Did you know you can go to Bellevue and bowl in an establishment on the 3rd floor of a high rise? That instead of enduring those uncomfortable plastic bench seats, you can recline on couches, while waiting your turn? That you could order a blue cheese hamburger or mac n' cheese appetizers?

It's true, I swear on all that is near and dear to me. This place really exists.  The problem is, no matter what the surroundings are like or amenities offered, I'm still a lousy bowler.

So I've decided to forego any further attempts at using the game/sport of bowling as the subject for a blog. Unless I again see another former Pac (still) 10 qb, successful in his college career, bowling in the lane next to mine.

Now get out there and take one for the team!

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