Home decor shop opens in Old Town

By Sara Bruestle | Oct 30, 2013
Photo by: Sara Bruestle The new Beach Glass by K. Miller Interiors opened Oct. 25 in place of the Mukilteo bookstore. Pictured with a custom made Mukilteo pillow is owner/designer Krista Miller.

Where there were once books and bookshelves, you can now find home decor and gifts.

Interior designer Krista Miller is owner of the new Beach Glass by K. Miller Interiors, located in the Lincoln Courtyard. A grand opening for the shop was held Oct. 25-26.

Before Beach Glass, the location was a bookstore for about 10 years. It was Snips and Snails and Tall Tales for the last year and Mukilteo Booksellers for the other nine.

“We're pleased to see Beach Glass opening,” said Shannon McCarty, executive director of the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce. “It's a great omen for Old Town and Mukilteo that retail is coming back.”

“We need local businesses to frequent. We've missed them since the economic downturn. It's great to be able to shop in our own community.”

Miller, of Mukilteo, has done design work for years as K. Miller Interiors. With the shop, she decided to add Beach Glass to the name because “beach glass is a special, fun little treasure – and that’s what I want this shop to be.”

A resident for 14 years, Miller has wanted her own shop for a long time. She practically peeked into every commercial window in town, looking for “her spot.”

When she saw that Mukilteo’s bookstore was for sale, she knew she’d found it. She signed the lease Aug. 20.

“I love being next to the Red Cup,” she said. “It’s one of my favorite places, and I think it’s a great opportunity to partner with them and make this courtyard a destination.

“We have great restaurants and services, but we don’t have much for shopping.”

What Miller would like to see are browsers coming by the shop after having coffee or lunch at Red Cup Café. She’s already getting her wish: Even before it opened, Red Cuppers would poke their noses into her shop in eager anticipation.

“It’s more fun to be able to go browse around with your friends,” she said. “It’s what we’re lacking here. I wish there were more of me.”

As a designer, Miller, of course, renovated the bookstore to make it more “grown up” after the children’s bookstore.

She took out all of the florescent lighting – no longer needed to brighten rows of bookshelves – and changed the walls and floors to contemporary colors.

Half of the shop will offer merchandise, such as home decor, gifts, custom furniture or whatever else catches her eye. If she doesn’t have what you want, she’ll order it for you.

The “giftables” the shop carries include candles, soaps, baby clothes, bags and notecards, where as “statement pieces” include rugs, clocks, mirrors, lamps and pillows.

“A lot of it is vintage finds that I think help make a home unique,” Miller said, “and doesn’t look like the cover of Pottery Barn, it looks like something you’ve created over time.”

The other half now serves as a space for Miller to do creative work, including custom designs for clients. Shoppers will get to see Miller “upcycling” furniture with chalk paint – which she also sells – in the studio.

“You can take vintage pieces and give them a refresh,” Miller said, adding that she will offer painting workshops. “It’s addicting. You start looking around your house just going ‘What else can I paint?’”

Now that she owns a shop, she can’t do big remodels, but if you want her help refreshing a room with furniture and decor, she’s happy to make you a client.

“I can help put together a plan and a shopping list,” she said, “so that when they do go out and shop, they know what to look for.”

Miller said she’s not an “official” designer because her degree is in psychology, although she jokes she’s been designing since she was a little girl with Barbies and an idea for a dream house.

After fixing up her own home, she started designing interiors as favors for friends.

“I love the transformation,” she said. “Whether it’s a piece of furniture or a whole room, it’s stepping back and going ‘Wow. Look how great it looks. Who knew?’”

Five years ago, her hobby turned into the side business K. Miller Interiors. Last year, she also started the blog Beach Glass Blonde, which features DIY projects.

“That just blew up,” Miller said of her blog. “I’ll go to the grocery store and someone will say, ‘Are you the Beach Glass Blonde girl.’? I have followers in Italy. It’s the weirdest thing.”

Beach Glass by K. Miller Interiors is at 619 4th St Ste. C in Mukilteo. Starting hours are 9-3 p.m. Mondays-Fridays and 10-5 p.m. Saturdays. Call 425-347-2694 or go to www.beachglassbykmillerinteriors.com for more information.

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