How many unsubscribe buttons can I press? l Editor's Note

By Brandon Gustafson | May 02, 2018

One thing I notice with this job is the amount of emails I receive on a daily basis.

Working on my computer every day, it’s pretty easy to tell I receive a large amount of emails.

A decent amount of them are important, such as press logs from the Mukilteo PD for the Police Beat, organizations and people sending me notices for the Around Town Section, people sending me press releases, setting up interviews, and so on.

Like I said, I get a lot of emails.

But those are just some of the ones that are of importance.

Then there are the press releases and notices from other areas of Washington, like Spokane, for instance, that are definitely newsworthy, but aren’t relevant to the greater Mukilteo area.

Then there are the releases and emails about how it’s an awareness month, or there’s a hot new product I just need to know about, or something about weird statistics that I’d otherwise never know about.

Those are all fine. I get why I’m sent those sorts of emails and releases.

Then there are the strange ones that I’ve seen a surplus of over the last month or so.

They almost all start the same way. They start off calling me “friend.”

Nice. I appreciate the thought. My heart already grew three sizes this day.

Then comes the really strange part. Either the emailer needs my help, or someone they support needs my help with a campaign.

OK, so it’s a political thing. That’s fine!

But then I look a little more into it and it’s from some random state like Michigan or Texas.

I can’t tell you the amount of Joe Arpaio emails I’ve received asking to donate to his campaign down in Arizona. The one I received yesterday was great as it had a GIF of his head just moving from side to side.

I also received some from the great Chuck Norris. They always start with “Here’s another Chuck Norris fact” or “I rarely do this” and I’m not sure why, but that always makes me chuckle.

And I’m not trying to say that it’s always Republican candidates or endorsements. I receive a pretty even amount from both sides. Those two I mentioned were just the first two that came to mind.

Anyways, I usually press the unsubscribe button. They’re not necessary to have and I’m really not the ideal audience.

But no matter what, they’ll find a way to come back and get me.

I can unsubscribe and delete as many emails as I want, but I’ll keep receiving those endorsement emails.

Damn you Chuck Norris.

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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | May 02, 2018 12:45

I get those damn political e-mails too.  Had to unsubscribe from even Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility as it seems they ALWAYS want more money... sigh.

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