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Oct 23, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

I just celebrated another birthday, which is proof I have been around since the phrase, “The buck stops here,” and that famous picture that some reporter shot of Adlai Stevenson’s shoe with a hole in the sole while interviewing for the president of the United States.

As I watch from the stands the “political pigskin” being kicked from left to right, I wave my American flag. I have referred to “political pigskin” for the reason that the political arena reminds me of a pigsty knee high in slop, goo and poo.

I was taken aback when a friend I have been acquainted with for more than 40 years voiced concern about the negative political jargon regarding the mayor of Mukilteo, Joe Marine.

This resident, in my opinion, is an upstanding intelligent citizen within the city of Mukilteo, and shockingly believed the rhetoric!!

Every candidate for any public office, being human, has vulnerabilities and flaws. To major on these negative aspects is a bit dishonest to the citizens of any city, for they attempt to mask and totally ignore the strengths of a candidate’s ability to lead.

My wife and I have had the good fortune of meeting weekly with Joe and Candy Marine along with two “gatekeepers” for the city of Mukilteo in the past 1 1/2 years.

They display humor, insight, business sense and well-grounded character. The wisdom expressed in our conversations merits the right to serve another term for the city of Mukilteo.

I only wish that all the people of Mukilteo could converse with the mayor as we have, we know it would dispel much of the political trash.

Being in business for the last 45 plus years, we have learned hiring experienced people is the most direct road to proficiency. We all live here in this amazing industrial arena, investing in our jobs, homes and lives into the future prosperity of this area.

If we believe what we read in the media, our future could be in jeopardy. This is not the time for interns to take charge, it requires experience.

We live here, too!

John George,

Mukilteo Blvd.,


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