In online video, Mariner High senior tells of beating by protesters

By Nicholas Johnson | Jan 25, 2017

A Mariner High School senior who was beaten Jan. 20 by protesters outside an event at the University of Washington’s Kane Hall told reporters moments later that he doesn’t plan to press charges.

“I did nothing to agitate them,” Alex St. Hilaire told a KOMO News reporter, according to a video interview posted online. “The most I did was stand up there wearing this hat.”

In the video, St. Hilaire can be seen wearing an American flag-style “Trump” baseball cap with blood and blue paint running down his face.

“All I wanted to do was hear what they were chanting about and read their signs,” he said. “I stood there and they took my hat. A third guy threw a thing of paint at me while the second guy pulled me in and I was beaten in a crowd of them.”

Protesters dressed in black reportedly attempted to block access to the hall where Brietbart News Editor Milo Yiannopoulos spoke Friday night. They reportedly threw bricks and cans of paint at police. A 34-year-old man was shot and taken to Harborview Medical Center.

St. Hilaire said he and his father were there to listen to what protesters had to say, not attend the event. Neither he nor his father could be reached for further comment.

“They took his hat from him and he tried to reach for it and they just started beating the hell out of him,” St. Hilaire’s father told reporters. “They beat him like a bunch of piranhas. They just attacked my son. I tried to get in there and defend him and they started slugging me, too.”

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