Integrity and Mukilteo – at odds with one another? l Guest View

Dan Matthews, Mukilteo resident
Aug 29, 2018

Editor’s Note: The following Guest View was read by Dan Matthews, a Mukilteo resident who ran for mayor of Mukilteo last year, at last week’s Mukilteo City Council meeting.


As a citizen and resident of Mukilteo, I am compelled to speak out on recent and recurring events regarding our city’s leadership – not because it is about some political person or their embarrassment, but because we care about such over-arching constants as: the public trust, honesty, and the ethical imperative and especially integrity.

Please understand, this is not some moralistic plea, but recognition that common decency compels action.

As always, there are some who don’t know and just don’t care.

Many other, however, are asking, “How have we come to this point?”

Personal and political loyalties notwithstanding, what is happening to and in our fair city?

But, at the same time, we take heart. Finally, the sun is breaking through, though smoke still seems to obscure a clear view.

This is no weather report, but a comment on current affairs in our city. Many are hoping for the light to finally and fully shine.

It is past time to put politics and personal pursuits; ambition and power, behind and shine the light of day on questionable acts; to set the ship-of-state right.

The public trust, and decency itself, requires honorable and worthy service and actions, especially of our elected officials.

We are not concerned about your political party or persuasion – integrity, honor and ethical conduct are not the province of one group or individual; they are the responsibility of all who would offer their good name and energies in service to the public.

Your oath of office was a solemn reminder of this obligation.

You were not elected to serve yourselves or some out-of-control political aspirations and ambitions. The “public trust” must be maintained.

It is no wonder that this generation is marked by widespread cynicism and skepticism.

I now call on the councilmembers – as elected representatives of the people of Mukilteo – to act in full regard, disclosure and even repudiation of the actions of Mayor Gregerson, both unethical and illegal.  The confidence and trust of Mukilteo’s electorate have been shaken and we ask for principled and persuasive action.

This is not the time for some soft scolding or empty apology. There is an explicit public expectation that each of you City Council members will ultimately act in the public interest – whatever your political loyalties – and act in commitment to common decency and integrity; that you will be a vital check and balance; and that you will rise above the petty distractions of power and party, and see your responsibility to the public you were elected to serve.

Please do so or, I submit, no, I promise, the public you serve will take the necessary legal action to expose the truth and the extent to which unethical and illegal conduct have permeated City Hall; acting where you failed to act.

Please do so, lest you become complicit in questionable and actionable conduct.

Finally, I close by also charging the fourth estate – our press and media – to exercise their due diligence in addressing these issues in a fair, impartial and complete manner, and to expose and disclose every detail of this mess.

I urge you all to act with objectivity, haste and thoroughness in this matter.

It seems that a critical mess has now reached critical mass – the smoke, and the smell, are getting pretty distressing around here.

Your action is respectfully requested.





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Posted by: Denise Sackner | Aug 30, 2018 18:58

Excellent, thank you for this.

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