Intent of letter to editor was misunderstood | Letter

Jun 04, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

After seeing the title, "Shame on Beacon for giving ex-mayors a voice," above the letter I wrote last week [The Beacon, Letters, page 4, May 28], I realized The Beacon viewed my comments drastically different from what I had intended.

I apologize to The Beacon for not being clearer.

It was never my intent to imply that The Beacon should restrict comment from anyone, especially ex-mayors. My disappointment was only that the title of the original story "Ex-mayors: Fire services contract doesn't make sense," appeared to give more credibility to the data (or lack thereof) presented by the previous administration (while I was a councilmember) than the new and more comprehensive information presented by the new administration.

Kevin Stoltz,

Former Mukilteo City Councilmember

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