Invite your slugs for a beer

Jun 27, 2012

Gardener Elizabeth Erickson loves cheap beer… for a slugfest.

Thanks to a very wet June, slugs are invading gardens everywhere. Why not, Erickson suggests, kill them with kindness?

“It surprises me still,” she says, “when I mention eliminating slugs from sharing your vegetables and flowers by putting beer out at night... ‘Really?’ people ask.

“Really! as demonstrated in the above photo.”

She went out with flashlight at 10 p.m. Sunday, and this is the evening’s beer fest just as it was just getting started.

“They come from far and wide, slime themselves up the sides of whatever small container you use. Favorite sizes are putting out several tuna fish or small cat food cans filled about a third with Costco's cheapest (52 cents a can),” she says.

“They imbibe and slide themselves right down into the beer and drown happy.”

No poison to hurt the environment or your pets.

Add their slimy carcasses and the beer to the garden and start all over the next night.

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