It is imperative to pass levy, bond | Letter

Feb 05, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

As a parent, a grandparent, as well as an employee in the Mukilteo School District as the dean of students at Fairmount Elementary, I am aware of how imperative it is to pass the levy and bond; two school ballot measures voters will consider on Feb. 11.

Proposition 1: The Supreme Court ruled that the legislature must fully fund basic education by 2018; however, many school programs and activities will continue to depend on money collected through local taxes.

If the levy were not to pass, the district would be forced to eliminate staff positions, as well as all school sports and activities.

The passing of the ballot measure will ensure Mukilteo School District remains to be recognized as a cutting-edge district for student academic excellence.

Levies = Learning

Proposition 2: Student growth in the Mukilteo District has far exceeded what was projected in 2012, which has caused significant overcrowding.

The district has eight elementary schools with more than 600 students. To address overcrowding, the bond will allow the district to build an elementary school, as well an early-learning kindergarten center.

Bonds = Building

Whether or not you are a parent, grandparent, educator or student, it is my belief that we all aspire for students to be in a learning environment that allows them to reach their full academic and social potential.

Vote Yes For Kids = Voting Yes For the Levy and Bond

Kim Bunnag,


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