It’s been an expensive 8 years | Letter

Oct 30, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Joe Marine has been mayor of Mukilteo for eight years. During this time, our taxes have increased by 1 percent or more most years, if not all. And our taxes continue to increase with no apparent end in sight.

The Nov. 4 City Council meeting agenda (post election) includes items like raising utility taxes again and a new $20 annual vehicle tax.

Many of Mukilteo’s longtime residents are on fixed incomes and can no longer afford these continual and compounded tax increases. I certainly do not have a money tree. Do you?

Jennifer Gregerson is campaigning to end these tax increases and live within our means. Her goal is to keep taxes low and invest in areas of significant need like police, fire, school safety and pedestrian access.

Mukilteo is a smaller city, yet it is supporting a $70,800 plus benefits, full-time mayor. That is a total of more than $260,000 per year of excessive administrative costs from two people doing essentially the same job.

Joe says, “I am a strong voice for Mukilteo and our region by serving in multiple leadership positions. Again, Joe, is this what you really do for our city as mayor? Adding a few more layers of politics?

Jennifer suggests that she would eliminate the position of city manager, saving our tax money. Great idea! Let’s spend that money on what we #do# need.

What surprise will the citizens of Mukilteo get to find the monies owed on Rosehill Community Center construction? Rosehill’s operating loss is nearly $400,000 annually. The bond payments owed are more than $900,000 annually for the next 17 years.

How much will our taxes be raised again? And, when will Rosehill become the local gathering place it once was? Jennifer has a good plan to return the function of Rosehill back to our community and give citizens a voice in this needed change.

Joe, it is time for you to go. You have had your chance. You have taken personal credit for projects you didn’t start. Your political leadership style (my way or the highway) is not working.

Case in point, your apparent plans for complete build-out of Mukilteo is destroying the natural beauty and livability of our city. Must your administration issue more permits to build on the remaining 5 percent?

Increasing tax revenues, of course, must be your main goal. And, When that 5 percent is gone forever, what will you then set your sights on?

It’s time for change! I am voting for Jennifer Gregerson for mayor. Won’t you join me in assuring a much better future for Mukilteo and her people?

Rey Sundal,

48-year resident,


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