It’s ‘boot camp’ – 2 words | Letter

Oct 23, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Following in the footsteps of Seattle newspapers, The Beacon uses its own ideas as to proper terminology for military items.

It’s so simple to phone the service when an article is published and ascertain proper military phraseology for the article being written about! Case in point, your article “Local son graduates U.S. Marine Corps bootcamp,” [The Beacon, page 7, Oct. 16].

Sir, (sic) do you have any idea the rigorous training recruits endure? No you don’t. Sometime, learn ahead of time, visit Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego and observe one time the rigorous training the recruits endure – both men and women.

Then return to your choice office and write about what you observed!

Pvt. Nathan, my hat is off to you and to all who follow Semper Fi!

Editor, for your information, there is no such term as ‘bootcamp’ in phraseology – the correct term is ‘boot camp.’


Charles W. Gorton,

CWO-4 USN (Ret.),


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