Japanese Gulch going to the bikers | Letter

Mar 19, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Go take a hike! Visit Mukilteo’s new Japanese Gulch city park. You’ll be astonished at what you see.

Although spring is in the air, and you’ll rightly be expecting to see the green shoots of new life on a walk in the forest, what you’ll get is a black eye.

Beautiful green ferns bursting with springtime freshness are buried next to piles of freshly dug BMX trails. Dirt mounds more than 10 feet high tower over trenches of muddy wetland.

Critical slopes next to Japanese Gulch Creek are being BMX-trail hacked into slide prone areas.

It appears the more than $5 million purchase of Japanese Gulch is now in the hands of special interests. And these interests are clearly not your interests.

One mountain biker I met there told me when viewing the huge excavations, “There’s not six people in this state who could ride this.” Indeed.

Perhaps the most puzzling part of this gulch deforestation, is that the Japanese Gulch Group leadership is defending it! They maintain a board member with connection to these habitat destroyers who are both radical and lawless. Having a member who has engaged in serial vandalism for the last two years is very, very bad PR.

The only conclusion to draw is the creation of a gigantic BMX site is all but a done deal.

That is, unless you, the average Mukilteo resident who is ever more conscious of treating the environment respectfully, goes into the woods of Japanese Gulch.

Enter at the cul-de-sac on 19th Street, just off the Upper Goat Trail loop. Follow the trail markers to see the devastation of your newly purchased $5 million BMX park.

Yes, Mukilteo citizens who are advocates for preservation of Japanese Gulch, go take a hike!

Jon Boyce,


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Posted by: Terry Preshaw | Mar 19, 2014 15:12

Folks, if you want to see video footage and pictures from just ONE of FOUR areas of illegally destroyed Japanese Gulch forest, go to:


My heart was riven when I stood amongst the ruins.

Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Mar 27, 2014 00:18

A quote from a prior article...."Obtaining this land and preserving it as a public forest"....I suspected it was all hype and propaganda, coverup for drainage and contamination from Boeing and Paine Field, and bailing out someone or certain people who had an interest in the sale.  I have hiked through there, I met you and your dogs there, Jon.  I wanted to cry at the small wetland/pond that I came across...ridden with construction debri, floating barrels, tires and garbage, drainage pipes, concrete pads and a rusty switchgear box and cabling into the ground, as well as disgarded needles and beer bottles.  Such disrespect...what ever prior use, thrown away like used Christmas wrap.  I say the City and the Gulch group needs to keep their word - PRESERVE.  Clean it up and preserve it.

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