June 2014 UAH lower troposphere temperature anomaly .

By Steven Keeler | Jul 25, 2014
Source: Bob Tisdale


The June 2014 UAH lower troposphere temperature anomaly is +0.30 deg C. It dropped (a decrease of about -0.03 deg C) since May 2014.

…RSS is still using the old NOAA-15 satellite which has a decaying orbit, to which they are then applying a diurnal cycle drift correction based upon a climate model, which does not quite match reality.

While the two lower troposphere temperature datasets are different in recent years, UAH believes their data are correct, and, likewise, RSS believes their TLT data are correct. Does the UAH data have a warming bias in recent years or does the RSS data have cooling bias? Until the two suppliers can account for and agree on the differences, both are made available.

In a more recent blog post, Roy Spencer has advised that the UAH lower troposphere Version 6 will be released soon and that it will reduce the difference between the UAH and RSS data.

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