Just some random thoughts l Editor's Note

By Brandon Gustafson | Apr 25, 2018

Usually when I write things like this I have a concrete theme or topic, but this time, I have a few things I’d like to talk about. None of them have any correlation, so this should be fun.

To start things off, I often drive past the Mukilteo Little League Complex over on Beverly Park Road on my way into, and out of, Mukilteo.

I played there during my Little League days and those are some of my fondest memories.

One thing that I noticed during my Little League days, in addition to my baseball career as I got older, was that some parents take things much too serious.

Some parents would have to sit away from others because they couldn’t keep their comments about a kid’s ability inside their own head, some would sit in the stands constantly yelling things like, “come on!” at kids that weren’t their own, and then there were the parents who would try coaching from the bleachers.

Baseball is a fun game, and deep down, it’s a kid’s game. You’ll hear pro athletes in all sports gushing about how they get paid to play a game they fell in love with as a child.

Some of the parents end up taking the fun out of the sports that their child is playing because of high expectations. They’re kids, not professionals. There is a picture I’ve seen online that’s posted at a Little League complex titled, “Reminders from your kid” and says, “I’m a kid, it’s just a game, my coach is a volunteer, the officials are human, no scholarships will be handed out today.” I think that hits the nail on the head. Sports are fun. Let the kids have fun.

Next random thought, a band I really like released their new album this past Friday and I highly recommend it. The band is Lord Huron, and they’re an alternative/indie rock band that has had some of their songs played in hit shows like “Shameless” and “13 reasons why.”

They’re one of the few bands where I can put all their songs on shuffle and not reach to my phone to skip a song. This new album might be their best one yet, so you should definitely check it out.

They come to Seattle in June, and I’m really excited to see them live!

Last random thought for the week is about the Great Mukilteo Garage Sale that’s occurring this weekend.

I love this event. Growing up here, I would go check out some of the sales and I would almost always find some awesome stuff.

One of my fondest garage sale memories was with a few of my buddies during my junior year at Kamiak. We parked near the four-way stop on Goat Trail and walked up the hill, checking out whatever sales were going on.

I remember I bought a wood baseball bat, a baseball hat, and this awesome Ray Allen bobblehead that doubled as a piggy bank. I know I bought more stuff, I just can’t remember it all, but I don’t think I spent too much of my allowance money.

The best memory from that day was my friend, and current roommate, Brandon (yes, we have two Brandons at our place) haggling with someone over the price of a bobblehead.

I think the person was asking $10 for it, and Brandon was persistent on only paying $5.

He kept telling all of us, “I’m broke, I know how to haggle.”

At first, the seller wouldn’t budge, but eventually Brandon’s persistence paid off and he got the bobblehead for $5. His main argument was “I’m broke but want this.”

Once the seller caved, Brandon asked him if he had change for a $20 and the guy rolled his eyes. I don’t know why, but Brandon pestering the guy to drop the price to $5 just to hand the guy a crisp $20 was hilarious to me and my friends.

Hopefully there’s a good showing this year with plenty of sales to check out.

A few of my buddies and I are going to drive around town checking out some sales and seeing what the most interesting thing we can buy for under $10 is.

Who knows, maybe it’s at your sale?

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