Kamiak brings tale as old as time to stage

By Meredith Pechta, Theater Reviewer | May 02, 2012
Courtesy of: Sam Freeman, NW Photo Kamiak High School’s spring musical is “Beauty and the Beast.” Tickets are now on sale for the May 4, 5, 10 and11 performances at 7 p.m. and May 5 matinee at 2 p.m. Ticket order forms are on the Kamiak homepage. Prices are $15 for adults and $10 for children and senior citizens. Call 425-366-5514 for more information. Pictured are Noah Natan as the Beast and Rachel Bigler as Belle.

The tale is as old as time. Then came the movie. Then came the Broadway version. Kamiak High School has revived the Broadway version for their final play before the summer.

Most everyone has seen Disney’s movie “Beauty and the Beast.” The play isn’t much different, though there are a few additional songs and some of the dialogue is different, too, but overall it captures the spirit of the tale.

The story begins in a quaint French village with a young woman named Belle. Her father leaves town for a fair and gets lost. He wanders into an enchanted castle inhabited by an angry beast and a number of household objects. The beast was once a prince; the inanimate objects, his staff.

A spell was cast on the prince and his castle, and the only way it can be broken is if he loves and is loved in return. If the spell is not broken soon, he will remain a beast forever.

Belle locates her father, Maurice, who is being kept prisoner. She offers to trade places with her father, so that he can be free.

The Beast, knowing that he’s running out of time to change his fate, takes Belle as his prisoner. So begins their tentative courtship.

The students do a terrific job of bringing this play to life. Their teacher Lori Levine deserves much credit. Rachel Elina Bigler plays the beauty of this piece. She’s a good singer and very good actress.

The Beast is played by Noah Solomon Natan. He gives the part exactly what is needed; a bit of danger and sympathy.

The conceded Gaston is played by Ryan Anderson. He does a pretty good job of painting a picture of what life with him would be like. And he does a good job with his own number.

His boot-licking sidekick, LeFou, is played by Gaven Quendall Wilson. He seems to be channeling Urkel. It works all right.

Jazmine R. Windsor plays the steamy Mrs. Potts. Not many girls could maintain their dignity while literally playing “I’m a little tea pot.”

The candelabra, Lumiere, is played by two different actors on alternative nights. They are Trevor R. Eaden and Riley McKinley. Both bring a flamboyance to their performance.

Lumiere’s wound-up sparring partner, Cogsworth, is played by Conor M. Garside. Every great comedy team needs its straight man and you can’t get straighter than 6 o clock.

Mrs. Potts son, Chip, is played by fourth grader Joshua Allen Morgan. He isn’t given much to do, but he still adds something to his scenes.

Belle’s eccentric father, Maurice, is played by Justin Vinall. The rather feather-headed Babette is played by Sydney Pfeifer-De Leon. The wardrobe is played by Kady Davidson.

You won’t want to miss this ‘Happily Ever After.’ This is one to enjoy with your family.

“Beauty and the Beast” is playing at Kamiak High School’s Performing Arts Center May 4, 10 and 11 at 7:30 p.m. & May 5 at 2 p.m. Call 425-356-6620 to arrange tickets.

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