Khan calls out Zieve over claim of Muslim support

Muslim woman says she supports Zieve because ‘he didn’t judge me’
By Nicholas Johnson | Sep 20, 2017
Photo by: Nicholas Johnson City Council candidate Peter Zieve waves during the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival parade Sept. 9 with his wife, Maria Zieve, at his side.

The president of a group planning to build a mosque in Mukilteo says City Council candidate Peter Zieve is falsely claiming support from Muslims in Mukilteo.

Riaz Khan, who himself has unsuccessfully run for City Council twice, told the Beacon that he feels Zieve misrepresented the local Muslim community’s support of his candidacy by enlisting people to carry signs during the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival parade that read, “Mukilteo Muslims for Zieve.”

For his part, Zieve said the signs certainly don’t amount to any kind of false advertising.

“I represent the Muslims,” Zieve said. “Most of the Muslims in Mukilteo are supporting me.”

Zieve said he purchased the signs after family friend Kiran Quadeer of Mukilteo agreed to gather other Muslim residents to march in the parade with Zieve.

“I’m not supporting him just because helped me,” Quadeer said, noting that she turned to Zieve for help following a difficult divorce. “He didn’t judge me. I had heard a lot of things about him before that, but when I met him I found he’s nothing like what people say. I just think he’s a great person.”

Quadeer said she created a Facebook page late last month called Muslims in Mukilteo, which has 55 followers and most recently reposted two of the Zieve campaign’s posts from the festival.

“She created the group three weeks ago just to show support for him,” Khan said. “They want to make it look like Muslims are supporting Peter Zieve. It’s misinformation.”

Khan said Quadeer’s Facebook page is not affiliated with his group, the Islamic Center of Mukilteo, and does not represent Muslims in Mukilteo, as it implies.

Quadeer said she created the page to connect with more of Mukilteo’s Muslim community.

“My family knows 80 percent of the Muslims around here,” she said. “I’ve talked to a lot of them and many had a misconception about Peter. I have been misjudged before and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.”

She also said she understands why Zieve has not supported Khan’s effort to build a mosque.

“I think he’s just worried for the community,” she said. “He wanted to know who was behind the mosque. Let’s say it gets built and, God forbid, something happens. Who do we go to? I didn’t know the answer.”

Last year, Zieve was tied to anonymous postcards mailed to Mukilteo residents notifying them of Khan’s plan to build a mosque in the city. He later apologized for sending the postcards.

Following that incident, the state Attorney General’s Office began investigating Zieve’s company, Electroimpact, finding it had violated state law by discriminating against employees and applicants on the basis of marital status and religion, particularly Muslims. In March, the company agreed to pay $485,000 and remove Zieve from its hiring practices to settle a lawsuit based on the investigation.

That investigation found that Zieve had promoted an anti-Muslim culture at the company by refusing to hire Muslims and promoting employee conduct that degraded Muslims.

Still, Zieve said he is unaware of his anti-Muslim reputation.

“I’m their hero,” he said. “I want to make sure that the things they traveled half way around the world to get away from don’t come here.”

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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Sep 20, 2017 15:05

To all of this, I just must say this makes for great reality TV and great headlines.  It isn't governing.

Thank G*d Bob Champion is running again...

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