Kudos to 5 who helped with car troubles | Letter

Oct 05, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

I would like to extend a huge thank you to the four men who stopped to help me when I had car troubles on the Mukilteo Speedway, turning onto 5th Street. I couldn’t have pushed my car safely to the side of the road without their help.

In a moment of panic, it was especially helpful to have their calming presence. They certainly didn’t have to stop for me, but they did anyway.

Another thank you goes out to a woman who asked me if I was OK as I waited for help to arrive.

After the situation was remedied, I stopped at my original destination, the Sydney Bakery & Wine Bar.

Judy Schneider-Wallace, the owner, had seen my whole fiasco and was just as touched as I was by the kind gestures of the five who helped me.

This situation showed us there are still good people who are willing to help. She said it restored her faith in humanity.

I don’t know your names, where you’re from or if you’ll even read this, but hopefully my grateful thoughts will reach you. I can’t thank you all enough.

Emma Leedy,


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