Kudos to Randy Lord for voicing our thoughts | Letter

Sep 03, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I appreciate Council President Randy Lord for voicing what many of us have been thinking and feeling [“Ethics and politics: you can have both at the same time,” The Beacon, Council Corner, page 4, Aug. 27].

Folks in Mukilteo have the expectation that their elected officials will behave in a manner that reflects the highest ethical standards.

Unethical political behavior is rarely forgotten, particularly on a local level in a small town such as ours. I imagine it lingering like an ever-present shadow, tainting the shadow maker forevermore.

Once credibility and integrity are sullied, subsequent good works can not undo the damage.

Voters! Are you prepared to practice accountability at the polls?

Terry Preshaw,


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Posted by: elaine knapp | Sep 03, 2014 15:48

Sorry Terry P., have to disagree about Randy Lord's article.  He opened with a clear dig at Mayor Gregerson and then proceeded to go on ad infinitum about his soccer coaching days, his band Dad days etc.in an attempt to draw an analogy between those days and the politics of today. He lost me in the shuffle.

I totally agree that Jennifer's hiring Marko smacked of cronyism, but because I trust the two of them, I asked about the hiring and was given a rationale for it. I agree that the move may hurt them down the line in the polls, but those are licks they will have to take.  The Mayor is human and is allowed a misstep along the way.   Barring any unforeseen circumstances, they both have my vote in their next elections.

It is only because I believe in their integrity that I can say that although the decision was not a good one politically speaking, it might turn out to be very good move for the city.  Time will tell..

I might also add that, compared to our last Mayor, Jennifer has done wonders for this city.

Keep Up the Good Work Mayor!!

Elaine Knapp

316 Prospect Avenue

Mukilteo WA 98275



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