Larsen will be fair when law is gray | Letter

Oct 19, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

When I think of law, I think of it as a black and white. You are either law abiding or not.

The truth is, however, that law is fluid. There are times when judges need to interpret law according to a number of factors. The law may not be crystal clear in some cases.

What makes me confident about Cindy Larsen for judge is knowing that with her behind the bench, when there is a gray area, the decisions she makes will be educated, fair and balanced.

Cindy will be tough when she needs to be and compassionate when necessary. She is an articulate, trustworthy, strong woman who will take the time to sift through all the facts, circumstances and procedures to arrive at an impartial decision.

She is devoted to her career and is a great mom to her three children. She has over 20 years of experience in the Snohomish County court system. She has integrity, and there is no doubt about her ethics.

She will always put the law and the facts of the case ahead of personalities, race, wealth or political influences.

I’m not the only one enthusiastically advocating for Cindy. She has too many endorsements to list here.

Please vote for Cindy Larsen for the honorable position of Snohomish County Superior Court Judge.

Janet Hammerman,


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