Larsen will keep our community safe | Letter

Oct 12, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

Superior Court judge: This is one of those last items on the ballot that gets very little attention.

But it matters. This is a local race that impacts our community directly. This is why I have Cindy Larsen for Superior Court judge signs in my yard and on my fence.

A Superior Court judge hears cases that are civil, criminal, family and juvenile. Cindy has been a prosecutor for Snohomish County for a long time.

When our high school daughters were in pre-school, Cindy was prosecuting cases. She is tough on the criminals.

Cindy, over the years, has worked on a variety of cases. The most notable to me was her time prosecuting in the Special Victims Unit.

She worked relentlessly to get sex offenders and criminals with juvenile victims off the street.

Cindy has made our community a safer place to live. If you go to her campaign website, you will see an enormous list of attorneys (family practice, criminal, civil) who support Cindy for judge.

Her clear professionalism and commitment to make Snohomish County a safer place to live is why these attorneys support her.

Let's keep Snohomish County a safe place to live. Please vote for Cindy Larsen.


Susan Den Hollander,


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