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By John and Joan Beck, pastors, Pointe of Grace Lutheran Church | Apr 18, 2018

The Easter season is a time of new life and new beginnings for Christians. Excitement and hope abound!

Pointe of Grace Lutheran Church is experiencing this firsthand after spending the last nine months in a process of discernment of our future.

Who are we as a congregation? What is our purpose? How are we best able to serve our community? What is God up to in our community that we haven’t noticed? What is God’s preferred future for us?

These questions have been central as we reflected on the past nine years that we have been a second site or satellite ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church of Lynnwood.

We are so thankful for the support and the relationships we have with Trinity and for all they have done to help Pointe of Grace. But we have come to a turning point.

The folks at Pointe of Grace Lutheran Church are climbing out of the nest and trying out our own wings. Working with our denominational leaders and with the support of leaders from Trinity, we have taken a major step towards becoming a separate congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

There are many steps ahead in this not uncomplicated process. But we do this to strengthen our capacity to serve and be a loving presence on Harbour Pointe and in Mukilteo.

We seek to serve several ways: through worship that is relevant and hospitable to all, through our amazing preschool, Harbour Pointe Christian Preschool, through “Packs for Kids” that provides food for over 100 families each weekend, by providing a safe and fun place for teens on Wednesdays through the Mukilteo Teen Lounge, through the Pointe of Grace Teaching Garden, by opening our building to a dozen community groups, and by teaching God’s love to adults and children each week, especially vibrant through “Godly Play,” a Montessori-style approach to scripture stories.

Our pastors are trained counselors, available to all who need support. Our relationship with the Muslim community has been a signature sign of God’s love for all people.

Finally, again and again, we come back to a simple fact, our life in God is all about relationships: our relationship with God expressed through our relationships with one another and especially our neighbors.

Christians have not always modelled that well. Sometimes in this complicated world we have practiced the very opposite through judgmental and divisive attitudes, attitudes that offer the very opposite of grace.

The church was often on the wrong side of slavery, women’s rights, apartheid, human rights, and the list goes on.

Our own culpability and capacity to get it so wrong so often makes God’s grace even more profound.

That is why we feel so strongly that in our congregation we want to be a “Pointe of Grace” for all we meet. Watch for the next steps in our ongoing birthing process. Come and help if you can.

The Easter season is a time of new life and new beginnings for Christians. Excitement and hope are abounding at Pointe of Grace these days!



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