Let’s keep Mukilteo views beautiful | Letter

Jun 11, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

We, residents of Mukilteo, are blessed with an optimal location that allows us to have some gorgeous views of the Sound and Olympic mountains. Many of us are concerned with the city’s interest in preserving these views, however.

This is in contrast to the attitudes of other cities in the area, where much is done to control overgrown weed trees, which not only obliterate vistas, but present a hideous appearance for residents and visitors.

The city of Everett is doing a fine job of preserving views from upper Howarth and Legion parks by judiciously pruning the weed maples. In Seattle, similar pruning has preserved beautiful views from the Sunset Hill Park and others.

Much of the offending growth in Mukilteo occurs on city “park” land in the Goat Trail, Harbour Pointe and Olympus Terrace areas. One wonders what the problem is here.

If it is financial, a plan like that used for some areas of Everett could be considered, where residents or hired landscapers could do the pruning under the supervision of arborists.

Certainly, we could have a more esthetically pleasing environment for all to enjoy.

Bill Hecht,


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