Let’s not forget: Mayor is chair of 21st District Democrats | Letter

Jun 25, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Like Christine Awad Schmalz, I appreciate Sara Bruestle's story on Mayor Jennifer Gregerson's questionable hire of Sen. Marko Liias. But I'm surprised by two things.

First, I'm surprised and disappointed that Mayor Gregerson could be so politically tone-deaf that she wouldn't see how this appears to be old-time cronyism. Even if Sen. Liias is the best man for the job, it just looks bad.

For the mayor and the senator not to understand this implies either political malpractice or substantial arrogance.

Second, I'm concerned that none of the reporting on this – by Ms. Bruestle, by Jerry Cornfield at The Herald, and by Eric Wilkerson at KING 5 – mentioned Mayor Gregerson's role as chair of the 21st District Democrats.

I think it's very relevant that a party leader may used her political patronage to get an elected official a high-paying job. I would think that rank and file Democrats would be livid at how ineptly their chairwoman has handled this. 

Allen McPheeters,

Chairman, 21st District Republicans

Candidate, State Representative, 21LD Pos. 1

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Posted by: Terry Preshaw | Jul 29, 2014 08:29

Go to this link and you will find a discussion of Gregerson's role as 21st District Democrats chair:



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