Letter: Bags of dog poop left on pathways perplexing

Apr 19, 2017

On Easter Sunday, I took my little dog out for a run, mostly along Harbour Pointe Boulevard. Along the way, I counted 36 lovely pastel-colored plastic bags. I thought they might be treats left by the Easter Bunny. But, alas, they were dog poop filled pouches.

People had taken the time to pack it up, but not pack it out. This happens in Big Gulch a lot, too. Reflecting on the second half of the “Well-begun is half done” maxim, it left me pondering the reasons for the pathway deposits. Here are some possible explanations and some tentative fixes.

Cause No. 1: You didn’t realize that the Mukilteo city pathway concierge service – City Recreation and Athletic Purification Service – was not funded because the initiative did not pass. Hence, your bagged deposits were never seen by the hourly pick-up crews we all hoped to have, because there aren’t any. Pack it out.

Cause No. 2: You left it because you didn’t want to carry it, because well, it is just unpleasant to carry a bag of poop. You fully intended to pick it up on the way back. Squirrel! What was it I was going to do, now? Don’t put it down. You will forget it.

Cause No. 3: You fancy yourself as conscientious, but you are so used to living a life of privilege that you don’t do anything you don’t really want to do. A healthy suggestion would be to try evolving and begin to realize that the world does not, in fact, revolve around you. Since that isn’t likely to happen, hire someone to walk your dogs or have your nanny or your mom follow along and pick up after you.

Cause No. 4: You bagged it solely because there were people around who would see if you didn’t. You are just a jerk and there is no fix for that. The rest of the world is burdened with taking up your slack.

Cause No. 5: You accidentally dropped it and didn’t realize it. Well, good for you. Since you are a good person, you are probably concerned about karma or heavenly reward – or whatever you call them – so a mitzvah might be to once a month take along a larger plastic bag and pick up some of the deposits left behind by the scofflaws – and the jerks from Cause No. 4.


Craig D. Lewis
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