Letter: Beacon carrier helps deliver lost dog

Jun 20, 2017

I was a little black and tan dog who was low to the ground. I am older, shorter and well round. Where I started from only I know, having found a smell and off on a busy street I go.

Here walked a strange lady watching me as I smelt. I went to this yard, then that yard, but none were the right smell. Here was this strange lady now calling to me while I was just going on my street. I then noticed coming down the road a Mukilteo Beacon carrier and her mom.

As they approached, I stopped and wagged, and here was this strange lady, yet again. I was timid at first, but the young lady who had the papers smelt nice; her mom was calm.

With their encouragement, I allowed that strange lady to catch me, pick me up and carry me to a door. Wrapped on my neck now was a leash, but still: where did I belong? I have no tags, I have no name, but the Mukilteo Beacon girl and her mom came to save the day.

They agreed to take me as they went door-to-door. When I smelt to my surprise where they should go, I started to wag and pull and pull. They knew we were going to find the right door.

As my mom opened the door, a look of surprise as she did not know that I had escaped through that crack in the garage door. She was looking totally baffled at why I was at the front door with the young Beacon delivery gal as she opened that door.

I would like to thank the Mukilteo Beacon for each and every one of the young boys and girls who diligently deliver the Beacon to each door, as they give up each Wednesday to walk the streets in the rain, sun, sleet and sometimes snow. Thank you to their parents, who will almost always be found walking ten steps in back as their children begin their journeys in life.

They know the streets and they know the faces, but most of all they can save a lost animal along the way.


Sunshine Self
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