Letter: Comparing religious laws may open door to empathy

Feb 15, 2017

In light of the ongoing controversy regarding the opposition to or supporting of the construction of a mosque, I am motivated to ask some questions about this vital issue. For example, it has been implied that Sharia law is a tenet that condones violence toward those who are not Muslim.

Has anyone making these accusations taken the time to personally meet with local Imams or other representatives of the Muslim community in a sincere and honest attempt to understand what exactly Sharia law is or is not? Is this law to be taken literally or is there room for various interpretations and applications of this law? Does Sharia law apply to all Muslims?

These questions bring to mind the biblical principle, or law, of tithing. Some Christian denominations require that members pay 10 percent of their gross income to the church. Failure to comply is akin to “stealing from God.” Anyone who fails to tithe is prohibited from participating in most church ministries.

Other denominations require that women wear dresses, are prohibited from cutting their hair or wearing makeup, and are required to fully submit to the authority of their husband. Failure to do so is subject to disciplinary measures imposed by those denominations.

Another principle requires members to disassociate themselves from those who have been “disfellowshipped” from the church for any number of infractions of the law.

Do these principles apply to all Christians, whether they be Catholic, Pentecostal or interdenominational? Or are these laws obsolete or subject to various interpretations?

My intent is not to condemn or condone these principles, but to open the door of possibilities so that we can peacefully live among each other, despite our differences. It begins with reaching out to each other with a desire to truly understand.


Rod Amburgy
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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Feb 20, 2017 22:42

Here is a video you should watch.  Ask yourself, why do 16 predominantly Muslim countries ban Israel Jews?  Where is the outrage about that?  Christians, Yazidis, Hindus, other minority religious groups are persecuted in Muslim majority countries, and their numbers are diminishing at alarming rates.  Hindu girls are kidnapped and married of to Muslim men. This is going on right now.  Google Chai boys in Afghanistan...I know someone who served 3 times in the middle east, witnessed it and the police do noghting...accepted practice.  A religion that stones women for being raped and will kill their daughters and sisters for shaming the family.  Do some research...don't wait to here it from others.



Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Feb 20, 2017 22:46

I mean don't wait to hear the opinion from others....do your own research.. Why should America have open boarders, to the countries who don't honor the same.  .Why has the US warned Americans in Syria to evacuate immediately, due to kidnapping, torture, rape?



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