Letter: Council should affirm city’s shared vision

Mar 15, 2017

Some things need to be said.

Some sentiments seem to be more difficult for people to utter. “I love you” comes to mind, even though the loved ones in our lives generally know our affection is unflagging. “I'm sorry” is often just about as hard to say, but it is relationship affirming and strengthening when said appropriately.

Then there are the everyday words and statements that are easier to say but appreciated nonetheless. Examples include “thank you,” “please,” “nice work” and “I'm so glad to see you.”

Saying these things isn't mandatory, and often we can rely on others to know that we possess these sentiments even if we don't actually say them. Nevertheless, most of us genuinely appreciate it when someone cares enough tell us these things.

It appears that Councilmembers Ted Wheeler, Scott Whelpley and Bob Champion have yet to learn the importance of actually saying how we feel. According to the Mukilteo Beacon (“Sanctuary city issue divides council,” Nicholas Johnson, March 8), all three stated that they did not think it was important for the City Council, “to affirm its shared vision of the city as ‘a diverse and inclusive community.’”

Wheeler and Whelpley are cited as essentially saying the police department is communicating this sentiment nonverbally, so it’s not necessary for them to say it. Champion's position seems to be that he doesn't feel it's necessary for him to say it unless people tell him he should say it.

Well, here's input from one voter: I think it is important that we be a “diverse and inclusive community,” and that the City Council affirm that position.

As I stated at the beginning, some things need to be said.


Tony Tinsley
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