Letter: Customer (no) service

Oct 25, 2017

About one month ago, I approached the counter of the city of Mukilteo building department requesting information on a piece of property I have owned in the city of Mukilteo for 21 years.

I dealt with a senior planner that shot down every question I asked about my property, and without missing a beat, told me that there was literally NOTHING I could do to change or improve my property, and furthermore that NOTHING had ever been done or approved on said property.

Finally, I requested the file, which upon reviewing the contents, she was shocked and speechless that what I had told her was indeed true, that 20 years ago, it had gone through a permit process to add a garage and later, a carport.

The point of this letter is to expose the treatment I received as a citizen and resident for 26 years, a property owner (multiple), business owner and taxpayer all in our fair city, at the hands of a SENIOR Planner that “knew all the codes” and not once looked a map, computer screen, or property itself via a tax ID.

This is not the norm, as I have dealt with cities and counties in my 30-plus year’s history as a general contractor.

I believe that this treatment is a direct result of the poor leadership and tone set by the current mayor and president of the city council.

This example is setting up a workplace environment that is hostile and unhealthy for its employees and that trickles down to the customer service department and is a direct result of the poor leadership.

The residents of Mukilteo deserve better. We deserve competent leadership that will listen and hear its citizens.


Alfred I. Jubie


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