Letter: Despite attacks, Kneller running clean race

Jul 12, 2017

While I haven’t known Sarah Kneller that long, as the mother of her campaign manager, I have come to learn a few very important things about her. One thing that really stands out to me, and is critically important to me and many other moms, is her dedication to family.

Outside of that, I appreciate the way she has invited not only our son, but our entire family into her family from the moment our son started working for her. Over the course of many conversations with her, I understand now that her relentless dedication to her family also extends to our community as a whole.

Another thing that simply can’t be overstated is her dedication to running a clean, non-negative campaign, while some of her opponents, on the other hand, have already sacrificed civility for scoring a few attacks on Sarah.

At the end of the day, Sarah Kneller embodies what it means to be a good mother, friend, wife, and overall trustworthy person. That trustworthiness is the reason that when ballots drop in just a couple of weeks, I will proudly cast a vote for Sarah Kneller for Mukilteo City Council Position 3.


Gwyn Higginbotham
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