Letter: Despite attacks, Sullivan is obvious choice for Everett

Aug 02, 2017

Why is The Everett Herald running a negative mayoral campaign against Brian Sullivan?

It's obvious; The Herald endorses Franklin. They are printing personal attacks against Sullivan, but only positive reviews of his opponents.

Favorable letters to the editor for Sullivan are not being published, so if you send one, please send it to Sullivan's Facebook page, as well as other media outlets.

Sullivan’s endorsements read like a who’s who list. He is trusted by Everett Fire and Police Departments, numerous local unions, organizations, elected and community leaders, small business owners, etc. This huge list features those with the confidence to elect Brian Sullivan. Here are his endorsers: https://www.briansullivanforeverett.com/endorsements.

These people know who is the most capable of running the city of Everett, with all its serious issues. They want the candidate with a proven track record, who has the qualifications and experience to do this huge job.

Let’s face it, with a population of 110,000, crime and gang activity, homelessness, opioid issues, lack of new infrastructure and development, lower paying wages and higher rentals than normal, something needs to change.

Can Everett trust this job to candidates with zero to 3.5 years of experience in city government, or should they elect Sullivan, a highly qualified candidate with a 35-year proven track record in city, county and state government?

Sullivan had a $5 million surplus when he finished his second term as mayor of Mukilteo. It looks like an obvious choice to me.


Clare Van Hollebeke
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