Letter: Do not take health care away

Nov 08, 2017

I am still an 87-year-old male and have sent to some of you above [multiple politicians and newspapers] several letters several times.

This time, I have added some more because of the seriousness of the executive order that our so-called president (not deserving of a capital P) has signed or will sign regarding health care for millions of people.

I wonder if you and our other Washington Delegates had the same health care would you see fit to change it? I really don’t think so.

What is this so-called president doing? Trying to ruin our country, which he has already done to a point.

Now, next I will take issue with our electoral college and the unfairness it has created with electing our president.

Out of 538 members, it takes 270 to elect the highest office in the country.

Is it really the will of the people when he received about 3 million fewer votes and was still elected?


Now, my thought, I had an idea of renting a box in the post office and having those who choose to write letters regarding their health care sent to me and I would consolidate them periodically and send them to D.C., but I had second thoughts.

If too many came, I would be inundated with too many, especially if the newspapers were to publish the letter. Maybe with a large influx of letters to Washington it will make an impression.

Back to health care, reports from the Executive Vice President of the Hospital Group say this order could disable individuals and small group markets and will affect chronic and other pre-existing conditions so individuals will be without affordable options.

Pray tell-what is the matter with this so-called leader of our country?


Roy Johnson


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