Letter: Don’t blame all Muslims for acts of terrorism

Jun 28, 2017

This is in response to a portion of Leslie Gregg's June 21 letter to the editor (“Want safety? Repeal ‘welcoming’ resolution”).

On June 14th, 1985, my brother, Victor, was one of 39 men held hostage for 17 days in Beirut, Lebanon by Shia terrorists of the Hezbollah organization. During his captivity, he and the other 38 men were subjected to daily physical and psychological torture.

It was also during this time that Israeli and American government leaders negotiated the release of 766 Shiite criminals from an Israeli prison as part of an agreement to release the 39 American hostages in Beirut. After the World Trade Center attack, it was discovered that some of the formerly imprisoned Shiites were directly involved with the planning and implementation of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack that killed approximately 3,000 people.

Although I personally understand Ms. Gregg’s concerns and frustrations regarding terrorism, I have come to the realization that I cannot, and therefore will not, spend my life thinking about the terror my brother experienced during his time in captivity by a group of terrorists who unjustifiably consider themselves Muslim.

To harbor resentment, anger or blame toward those Israeli and American government leaders who negotiated the released 766 Shiite criminals, which subsequently enabled some of them to continue their acts if terrorism, would result in the same mindset as Ms. Gregg’s implication that a specific class of individuals are criminals and responsible for most acts of terrorism. This mindset is both egregious and contrary to democracy, equality and logic.

Perhaps Ms. Gregg would benefit from East Indian philosopher Shantideva's words: “How many malicious people can I eliminate? They are everywhere and we will never come to an end of them. But if I eliminate hatred, I will overcome all my enemies.”


Rod Amburgy
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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Jun 28, 2017 13:55

Thanks Rod, great thoughts especially from Shantideva.

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