Letter: Edmonds wrong to rename Columbus Day

Oct 04, 2017

Evidence shows that the tribal people of the Pacific Northwest oppressed women, engaged in slavery and followed rules dictated by tribal elders.

The arrival of Christopher Columbus opened a door for another oppressed people to flee religious oppression and tyranny, which ultimately led to the forming of this great nation and the many freedoms afforded us.

While the left attempts to tear down history, we are left with statues of Chief Seattle, who embraced slavery, and Vladimir Lenin, who suppressed tens of thousands of his opponents by killing them or sending them to concentration camps.

By renaming Columbus Day “Indigenous Peoples Day,” hypocrisy exists in the left’s attempt to rewrite history – but then the left is no stranger to hypocrisy.


Jeff Scherrer
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Posted by: Denise Hotchkiss | Oct 05, 2017 09:18

Jeff your argument seems very disingenuous. Surely you are aware that white America has a long history of slavery, oppressing women and following the rules created by our leaders. Are you advocating for a direct democracy or anarchy? And yes some of the European immigrants suffered religious persecution; that gives them blanket permission to oppress others? And what does the Lenin statue have to do with the subject at hand? Its in Seattle (not Edmonds), is privately owned and is meant to be ironic.

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