Letter: Electoral districts good for democracy

Jun 20, 2017

After considerable study and discussion, the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County adopted a position in support of bringing more representative government to the city of Everett.

We believe that democracy is best served by having a City Council that represents all areas of the city. What better way to bring this about than to divide the city into geographic districts? Then the citizens of that district would elect a representative who knows them, and knows their needs and concerns.

Because of our belief that City Council representation will be increased in a system of electing council members by district, the League has joined with like-minded citizens and groups to form a grassroots coalition called Everett Districts Now. The League fully supports the initiative drive of this group to divide the city into five geographic districts while maintaining two at-large positions.

We believe that this mixed-representation model will bring to Everett’s government the diversity that it now lacks, while keeping the needs of the city as a whole in focus.

The deadline for signatures required to put this important initiative on the November ballot is near. Petitions may be signed at Café Zippy’s at 1502 Rucker Ave., and on Sundays at the Everett Farmers Market.


Lois Wentink
Spokesperson, League of Women Voters of Snohomish County Districting Committee
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