Letter: Enforcing immigration law bolsters democracy

Jul 05, 2017

Editor’s note: Contrary to Leslie Gregg’s assertion in the letter below, Rod Amburgy did not personally attack Ms. Gregg or call her “a racist or hater” in his June 28 response to Ms. Gregg’s June 21 letter. The Mukilteo Beacon does not allow derogatory name calling or petty attacks, especially toward private individuals.


It is a sad day when you cannot put forward a rational position, backed with real-world facts, without being called a racist and hater (“Don’t blame all Muslims for acts of terrorism,” Rod Amburgy, June 28).

That is precisely what Mr. Amburgy did in his rebuttal to my letter (“Want safety? Repeal ‘welcoming’ resolution,” June 21) by stating that I implied a specific class of individuals are criminals and responsible for most acts of terrorism.

The race card is the first line of defense when there is no other defense to argue. Intimidate those who disagree by publicly degrading them, and then maybe they will go away.

Mr. Amburgy does not know me, and anyone who actually does, would never accuse me of racism or hating. I have befriended, hired, mentored and promoted hundreds of people throughout my life from every classification possible. To make such a disgusting proclamation about me, a living example of inclusiveness, is dishonest and indefensible.

Mr. Amburgy insinuates that I classified all Muslims as a threat. I never once used the word Muslim in my letter. It was clear to anyone who read my letter that it was about sanctuary city policies and the real-world consequences of not enforcing immigration laws, regardless of race, national origin, religion, etc. Only a limited argument can be presented in 400 words.

My heart goes out to Mr. Amburgy’s brother, who was apparently held hostage in Beirut. No person should have to endure what he did. But Mr. Amburgy’s example further supports my position that we should learn from past mistakes and stop repeating them.

It is lovely to pretend no evil exists in the world, and no one will ever be evil’s victim. But there is reality, and real people are hurt when our laws are not enforced. If you lock the doors to your home, you know what I mean.

Loving your neighbor and opposing policies that put our families at risk are not mutually exclusive. Enforcing immigration law is not contrary to democracy, as Mr. Amburgy alleges. Refusing to enforce immigration law is anarchy, which threatens democracy to its core.

In the future, leave personal attacks out. State your case for why you want our immigration laws ignored, and be done with it. Spreading unfounded lies about people you disagree with is indefensible and makes your argument nonsensical.

Perhaps your quote from Shantideva will help you, Mr. Amburgy: “But if I eliminate hatred, I will overcome all my enemies.”


Leslie Gregg
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