Letter: Failure to bag poop makes Old Town a minefield

May 03, 2017

I thank and invite Mr. Lewis to take a walk in Old Town Mukilteo (“Bags of dog poop left on pathways perplexing,” April 19). No pink and blue bags here.

People who bring their dogs here just let them squat in the street. You will find mounds on Lincoln Avenue, which leads to popular little cafes, a candy store, a pizza place, etc. A huge pile was even walked in and smeared down the street – maybe an escaped zoo animal?

Large and small dumps can also be found in the landscaping around Rosehill Community Center. Walking is hazardous to your health if you are over baby size and have to be carried. I went into the community center and mentioned the lack of manners in bagging said feces. Not their problem. Alrighty then.

My daughter suggested that people were tired of potty training or didn’t potty train their children. I suggest that maybe they let them squat and poop wherever, whenever. She also stated that “it” is on the trails through Japanese Gulch and down the paths to the beach.

Bags are provided below Rosehill in the lower parking lot. No one sees or uses them, and it’s not fun dodging projectile vomiting remnants from the center’s main door out several feet onto the sidewalk and street. Must have been a fun evening for someone. So, piles or pieces of dog poop here and there, cigarette butts and tissues, etc.

So, here I am: old, cranky and bending down, getting the last pebble from my dog. It’s a pain – she sort of hunches over and walks and poops in and amongst the ivy and dirt, and no remnant is left behind, like the Marines.

Someone, please post signs with a warning. Provide more bag stations and, if that fails, everyone carry extra, and if you spot someone doing this, hand them a bag.


Barbara Clark
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