Letter: Firefighters calmed our nerves with kindness

Aug 09, 2017

This past week I was unfortunately involved in a three-car collision on Mukilteo Speedway.

Our cars were not seriously damaged, so we were able to wait in the QFC parking lot for first responders. Fire trucks and Mukilteo police arrived in less than five minutes.

My six-year-old son was in the back of the car. He wasn’t injured, but he was crying and was extremely upset.

None of us needed medical care from the EMTs, but they didn’t leave the scene immediately. Instead, they took my son out of the car and gave him a complete tour of the fire truck, gifting him with a fire hat and bracelet while the police went about the lengthy task of getting everyone’s information and statements.

They kept him calm and busy while we finished up, and he returned to me happy and smiling and completely unfazed by the accident. They then proceeded to leave the scene.

I am so grateful to the fire men and women who responded with patience, grace and kindness in a time of extreme stress for myself and the other drivers.


Brennan Elston
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