Letter: Firefighters endorse Rohrbough, Kneller, Markey

Jul 26, 2017

The Mukilteo Firefighters, IAFF Local 3482, have been very pleased to witness such an increased interest in candidates for office in Mukilteo this term.

It has been our privilege to have the opportunity to meet with many of the candidates to discuss public safety and labor issues with them. As a result, we have made the following endorsements:

For mayor, Mayor Gregerson has been a good leader for our community and clearly deserves a second term. For council Position 1, Anna Rohrbough appears to have all of the right attributes for office and will bring a fresh perspective to the position. For council Position 2, we have made no endorsements.

For council Position 3, both Sarah Kneller and Tony Markey would be welcome additions. It is too bad that they are both running for the same position. Either would make a great appointment to an open seat, and we hope that they both continue to look for ways to serve the city.

We recognize that this is a unique year for the city of Mukilteo and its election process. Please help us in supporting candidates that have a great chance to maintain, or possibly even improve, our ability to serve you.


Jim Mewbourn
president, IAFF Local 3482
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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Jul 27, 2017 00:16

Thanks for your opinion, but endorsements don't influence me in the least.  None of your endorsed candidates are on my vote list.  One of several that I am very impressed with, for multiple reasons, is James Yoo.  I go by intuition, and have a great feeling about the guy.

Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Jul 27, 2017 00:17

Correction....Markey is in there....I like the guy.

Posted by: mario lotmore | Jul 27, 2017 00:37

I agree that both Markey and Yoo have vision.  Yoo "wowed" the crowd at the Beacon Forum on Monday.

Posted by: Charlie Pancerzewski | Jul 30, 2017 19:00

One concern I have about Markey is his emphasis on being a member of the Long Range Finance Committee. That Committee was appointed for a two year term that ended may 2017. They did not meet for the first time for over a year and the City web site has minutes of one meeting in August 2016 which may have been their first and only meeting. They did not do any studies or render any reports. New members were appointed in May 2017 to carry on any work that Committee might take on.

Having done nothing, I do not see why being a member is a positive. I consider emphasizing being a member is really a negative if the public knew they had done nothing.

Markey does have some good experience but I do not see it from being involved in Mukilteo before now.

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