Letter: Former mayor endorses Kneller for council

Jun 14, 2017

Municipal elections are all non-partisan, and for good reason: on the local level, our issues are not and should not be partisan in nature.

Above all, the job of City Council is to represent everyone in Mukilteo. In order to do that, they need to listen to, learn from and engage with people from all different parts of the political spectrum.

After many conversations with Sarah Kneller, it has become apparent to me that she embodies the mindset of an active listener. Sarah is guided by her steadfast faith, her family, and her love, dedication and loyalty to both of those. She is an active member of her church and our community; she volunteers with the Everett Gospel Mission and is a finance tutor with the “Faith and Finance” program.

Sarah knows the powerful impact and exceptional support a strong family brings to the life of a child. Sarah cofounded and volunteers as the treasurer for a nonprofit that supports foster kids, bringing supplies and comfort during their most vulnerable moments.

Sarah is not only principled, but she is also proven; she is one of the most qualified candidates to run for council. Her budget and financial experience is unrivaled; her unique perspective and youthful energy is outright refreshing, and I look forward to a Mukilteo with Sarah on council.

That is why this August I’ll be casting my vote for her.


Joe Marine
Former Mukilteo Mayor (2006-13)
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