Letter: Give Trump a chance

Dec 28, 2016

I rarely write to the editor but someone needs to reply to Mr. Tinsley and Mr. Markey. I personally thank God we finally have a leader who wants to help out all Americans, follow the constitution and obey the laws.

President-elect Trump is in no way a racist, bigot, or any of the other obscene names you call him. Do you realize you are saying the majority who elected him are all racist, bigots, etc.? That is ridiculous. There are many women and minorities backing Trump and who have worked for and with him for years so that accusation holds no weight.

Yes, respect must be earned and I feel anyone who can take the horrible, angry lies thrown at him and his family in this election deserves that respect. Anyone who has so much honor for our military, our law enforcement officers and out veterans deserves our respect.

So far, President-elect Trump has surrounded himself with the best and brightest to help run our country. Why don’t you give him a chance?


Leonard Kline


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