Letter: Gratitude for hard work

Nov 29, 2017

Thanks to Beacon editor, Brandon Gustafson, for the heart felt sharing of his life and moments of meaning in Mukilteo (‘Happy Thanksgiving, everybody’ by Brandon Gustafson, Mukilteo Beacon, Nov. 22, 2017).

I am grateful for local papers like the Beacon for their meaningful human stories and situations like these recalled by Mr. Gustafson.

At the same time, the Beacon prints letters and stories about national issues such as health care reform that threatened millions with loss of insurance.

International issues like supporting the Global Partnership for Education to help the 263 MILLION children and youth in our world to have a chance to go to school are also reported.

I am grateful for this national and world reach of our local paper as well.

So thank you, editor Gustafson and staff of the Beacon, for a paper worth reading!


Willie Dickerson


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