Letter: Gregerson, Liias made mayoral race partisan

Jun 07, 2017

As a concerned citizen, I am simply replying to Gregerson’s comment (“Mayoral challenger calls out Gregerson,” May 24).

This is a response to her erroneous assertion that both political parties engage in their admitted misconduct. She and Marko did the money laundering, she fired the city manager and then created a fake position called “Policy Analyst” as a payoff.

What laws were broken? Let the public weigh that one. Any fair-minded look at this whole mess would question the honesty, openness and ethics of those involved. The spirit and the letter of the law and common decency demands the public be made aware of the dancing around the ethical imperative.

How about avoiding even the appearance of illegality and impropriety? Saying: we checked and it appears to be legal makes you recognize they are on shaky ground. If Republicans engaged in such misconduct, every reporter would be all over this.

Partisanship was the work of she and Marko long ago. We should be asking why the Washington State Attorney General – Mr. Ferguson – has come out and endorsed Mayor Gregerson. Really! What's that all about? A partisan A.G. endorsing a non-partisan mayor of a small municipality in a state of 520 cities! Unprecedented! If laws have been broken, to whom do we turn? Apparently, not the A.G.!

It's time someone responded to their partisan, unchallenged bullying. So, I bring it to the public and the press to seek answers to my questions.


Rob Liesik
Chair, 21st Legislative District Republicans
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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Jun 07, 2017 12:50

Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson a bully?  Really?  REALLY?

You must be speaking about somebody else.

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