Letter: Gregerson's County Council run

Dec 19, 2018

Gregerson running for Snohomish County Council?


Reading a recent Beacon, I learned that our mayor is running for Snohomish County Council. I am not sure whether to snicker or shake my head.

On paper our mayor appears to be a well-qualified candidate: A graduate of NYU, an advanced degree in urban planning, several years of mayoral experience, not to mention a passion for many noble causes such as homelessness, affordable housing, and addiction.  Impressive!

However, let's take a look at what really matters ... actual performance. As a citizen of Mukilteo, I simply want leaders who help make our city more safe, beautiful, inclusive and prosperous for businesses. Our mayor has struck out on three pitches looking...I am not sure she even took the bat off her shoulder.

Mukilteo's crime rate is horrific and nationally renowned. Most of Mukilteo looks like a strip mall in search of an industrial park with dying vegetation...and the city's golden ticket, Old Town, is in the process of being botched as we speak with unsafe rights of way and multiple parking garages on the city's coastline being rubber stamped.

Jennifer, this is what we got with your advanced degree? A bike path is not urban planning!

Further, Ms. Gregerson has a consistent track record of demonstrating bad judgment, the list so long that it requires a separate discussion. Her endorsements are from the same tired group of Washington state progressive liberals that talk a nice game of helping the underdog but actually accomplish nothing.

And remember ... Everett/Seattle has the worst homeless population in the U.S. ... the entire U.S. ... under this type of leadership. If her urban planning skills are an indication as to how she will solve this issue locally, buckle up for a new tax on small business in Snohomish County. It's their fault you know.

We all know bad doctors and lawyers ... an education pedigree isn't enough.

The best predication of future performance is past performance. Based strictly on her professional track record, the mayor is not deserving of public office and her passions would better serve the community in a volunteer capacity.


Steve Nickerson


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