Letter: Happy New Year, Mukilteo

Jan 03, 2018

I am grateful for the overwhelming support that the citizens of Mukilteo have shown me over the past year! I am humbled and deeply appreciate the turnout for the election. Along with my opponent, we ran a clean and fair campaign that was focused on the issues and what mattered most to you. While I did not come out victorious, I feel that I did not lose either. My opponent is passionate about our city and I am confident that she will do her best to represent us during her term.

I will never forget the concerns of the residents with whom I have met on the campaign trail and I will not waiver on the campaign promises that I made to each of you. I plan to continue to devote my time as a private citizen to pursuing issues that will benefit our community, placing an emphasis on student exposure to illegal drugs, securing a senior center in Mukilteo and bringing together the diverse populations in our community to strengthen the opportunities for our underachieving youth and young working families.

I want to thank those of you who supported my campaign, contacted me to express your concerns and a special gratitude for the volunteers who selfishly gave their time and efforts and believed in my vision.

Together we will continue to make Mukilteo a strong and vibrant place to live for future generations.

If you are interested in partnering to support these issues, please feel free to contact me directly. My email is JamesJaey@gmail.com.


James Yoo


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