Letter: Health care for all would cost everyone less

Apr 12, 2017

The recent letter about the issue of affordable, accessible health insurance by Willie Dickerson in your paper deserved a response (“Let’s demand health care that works for all,” April 5).

I have a pre-existing health condition, so I will deal with doctors who specialize, take prescribed medications and have tests throughout my life. These are expenses. At one point, without the Affordable Care Act, my deductible was $5,000.

The Veteran's Administration is able to negotiate prices with the pharmaceutical companies due to their number. With Medicare for all or some single-payer plan, the prices for drugs would go down considerably.

Everyone's health insurance would cost less. Businesses would no longer have to worry about regulations about whether and how to insure their employees. The economy would boom.

Everyone – Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative – could be pleased with the results.


Leslie Weinberg
Stamford, Connecticut
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Posted by: L LeBray | Apr 17, 2017 00:46

Universal health care, sometimes referred to as universal health coverage, universal coverage, or universal care, usually refers to a health care system which provides health care and financial protection to all citizens of a particular country.   I know someone from France, in the US on a work Visa, and he told me that some people pay up to 75% of their income in taxes to support Universal healthcare and otherwise.  It's not as great or affordable as it sounds. France is relatively a poor country and the people don't make as good of wages as they do in the US...and according to him, our taxes are low.  I prefer to take healthcare into my own hands, I do Bikram hot yoga, that is my healthcare, my wellness.  I take no meds.  I self treat myself through diet, herbs and minerals...My cats, litter mates, are turning 23 this June.

My mother had dual healthcare, had to quit her job, deemed to a 24-hour hour health care facility, at $5,600 per month private pay.  She died younger than anyone in her family...on so many black box warned drugs, so many specialists, so many surgeries... I always thought they were doing everything they could for her.. And I finally realized, they weren't doing anything right, they were killing her!  I found out too late.

My 78 year old father, said no to surgery and drugs...eats two teaspoons full of raw garlic every morning...used to joke to me, I think the garlic is keeping me alive!  And I think he is right.  Be in tune with your body, and take responsibility for your own health.



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