Letter: Is our mayor doing a great job?

Sep 20, 2017

Editor's Note: The Beacon invited Mayor Jennifer Gregerson to respond this letter. Read her response here.


Is Mayor Jennifer Gregerson doing a great job in running the city of Mukilteo?

One of her first days in the office, Mayor Gregerson fired the long-term administrator, and shortly thereafter the police chief and fire chief were let go and replaced. The last week in December of 2016 and the first part of 2017, six out of six of the city of Mukilteo top management positions left, resigned or were fired.

These included some great servants and employees of the city of Mukilteo, such as the finance director, Doug Volesky, the planning director, Glen Pickus, and the managing director, Chris Phillips. It was no coincidence that the six were no longer employees of the city of Mukilteo.

How about the millions of taxpayer dollars that Mayor Gregerson wasted trying to prevent commercial air service at Paine Field, which was built in the ‘30s as a regional airport?

The federal law says that when federal money is used for any airport, it has to be open to all aviation. That is why all the courts have refused to bring the Mukilteo lawsuits to trial.

The other bad decision our mayor has made is the hurry-up decision of buying Japanese Gulch from Everett. This decision was made after the announcement that WSDOT wanted to use Japanese Gulch for access to the new ferry terminal.

Japanese Gulch is used by less than 1 percent of the Mukilteo residents. She reallocated money to buy the gulch from the extension of the Harbour Reach Road fund.

The state has been giving the city of Mukilteo funds for this Harbour Reach Road project over the last six years. The road is intended to continue Harbour Reach Boulevard to Beverly Park Road. This road is still not built.

Mayor Gregerson has increased taxes and fees considerably, as well as greatly increased the payroll cost of running the city of Mukilteo.

What kind of job do you think Mayor Gregerson is doing?


Bruce Reid
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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Sep 20, 2017 14:09

Dear Bruce,

You had your chance during candidate filing week to speak loudly.  Oh and quit going for the gutter.

Very sincerely;

Joe A. Kunzler

Posted by: L LeBray | Sep 21, 2017 09:11

Personally, I feel the Public Works Dept. and building permitting process is a joke.  Seems to be double standards, inadequate record keeping.  My neighborhood (annexed into the city of Mukilteo) has been dealing with drainage (inadequate) and practically non existent for years now, as well as sewer issues. The new owners that come in, and frustrated and have to deal with it as well.  It affects property value.  After dealing with the Public Works director, he "retired", who ever took his place...was going to get back with me...and when I sent a followup email a month later, received the response, "So and so is no longer with us"....The common answer I receive, is so and so, is no longer here.  That's not how record keeping works. That's not how public records are to be maintained. Anyone should be able to access information, and there should be a trail (legally) regardless is someone is still employed or not.  Mukilteo needs to get it's act together and stop running itself like a mom and pop, good ole boy community.

I support the fact that the City purchased the Japanese Gulch property...as long as it was purchased to be preserved.  There was an article recently about "Forest Soaking" A transformative healing experience that includes light somatic exercise, walking meditation (kinhin), and still connection to the energies of the forest.  Looking at a forest, has an immediate calming effect on the body, vs. looking at concrete walls.  Wind blowing through the trees, also produces negative ions (that are the feel good ions and cleansing) and counteract Positive ions (from EMF's, computers, electrical lines), that harmful to the body... Forests reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases dopamine.  Many of us, with our busy days and schedules, don't get to the gulches as often as we would like to.  Myself included.  But once these areas are gone, they are gone.  I am grateful for the gulches in Mukilteo.


Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Sep 24, 2017 12:09


Don't worry, Mayor Gregerson cares for the gulches.


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