Letter: Is unfinished sidewalk a sign of things to come?

Jul 12, 2017

In a recent statement in the Mukilteo Beacon, Peter Zieve says that he opposes maintaining our Mukilteo infrastructure through additional taxes for road maintenance and pedestrian improvements (“Council candidates offer takes on transportation tax,” Nicholas Johnson, July 5).

Does this explain why a part of the sidewalk in front of his factory on Chennault Beach Drive has been left dangerously unfinished for the better part of a year? Can I send him my bill for any pothole-caused car damage?


Jim Sackett
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Posted by: mario lotmore | Jul 12, 2017 22:10

This is simply fallacious.  In the future, I would encourage the Beacon to validate accusations prior to posting dishonest postings. I took 10 minutes of my evening to drive Chennault Beach Rd (not “Drive” as the author stated) along Electroimpact to identify any potholes or trip hazards on the sidewalk. There were none, I took pictures as proof. The only construction is a clearly identified 20-ft area with signs and mesh that is being converted to a vehicle pathway. That portion also had no potholes and was leveled with the road

Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Jul 14, 2017 23:01

Try driving in Seattle.  They don't fill potholes....just have pothole awareness, especially around Greenlake.  Mukilteo is pretty pristine, compared to the rest of Washington.

Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Jul 14, 2017 23:15

And you frequently walk down the sidewalk next to his facility in an industrial area, like it's a common walking spot?  You are sure nit picking.

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