Letter: Is Zieve trying to be Mukilteo’s Trump?

Jul 05, 2017

Last week, Peter Zieve responded to a letter to the editor that he did not like (“Letter about me full of fake news,” June 28). It mentioned his domestic violence police records and the racist comments his sister reported that Mr. Zieve said to her.

Mr. Zieve referred to this letter’s contents as “fake news.” Referring to something that he disagrees with as “fake news” is intellectually lazy. Additionally, it is inaccurate: letters to the editor are not news, they are opinion.

Between his sloppy “fake news” label for something he doesn’t like and his postcard campaign last year against our Muslim neighbors, it seems like he aims to be the Donald Trump of Mukilteo.

I think Mukilteo politics are better than that. Members of our community are more thoughtful, more caring and inclusive, and deserve better from the people who represent our interests locally than the hurtful and divisive tactics we see nationally.


Diana Kushner
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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Jul 05, 2017 15:02

Thank you Diana.

Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Jul 14, 2017 23:03

President Trump has been right on about fake news....so I believe Zieve will be too.  Semper Fi!

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