Letter: Join us in voting yes on transportation sales tax

Sep 27, 2017

We urge Mukilteans to join us in voting yes on Proposition 1 in the Nov. 7 election.

Proposition 1 proposes to increase the Mukilteo sales tax by 0.1 percent for a limited 10-year period in order to fund much-needed road, sidewalk and other transportation maintenance and improvements. This measure will cost the typical Mukilteo resident about $10 per year.

Because this is a sale tax, monies will also be collected from non-residents who happen to make purchases while passing through our community, including ferry riders. The funds generated are designated for use on transportation-related projects only and cannot be re-directed to other activities.

Providing and maintaining roads and sidewalks in our community is the responsibility of our city government and are essential for ensuring public safety.

Additional sidewalks and crosswalks are needed to improve the safety of children walking to school and bus riders walking to bus stops. In some areas, sidewalks are absent or interrupted. Crosswalks may be poorly marked or not provided.

The Snohomish County Health District prepared a Walking Audit in Mukilteo in 2015. Their top observation regarding Mukilteo Elementary School was “The crossing over Mukilteo Speedway was one of the most hazardous that we have observed in the county.” Better crosswalk signals could improve this situation.

We owe it to our children to provide a safe route to walk to school. Proposition 1 will provide the revenue to fund these types of projects, making it safer for our kids to walk to school and for bus riders to get to their bus stops.


Melanie Field and Vinaya Chepuri
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