Letter: Judge Zieve, a generous family man, by his actions

Jun 28, 2017

In response to Ms. Patchen-Short's attack on Peter Zieve, I wanted to share real examples of Mr. Zieve's values in action over the years (“Zieve’s record doesn’t reflect family values,” June 21).

When my daughter was seriously injured at a Mukilteo daycare, Mr. Zieve's company immediately modified my husband's schedule so we could both care for her and continue working.

When my husband and I welcomed our son last fall, we enjoyed weeks of uninterrupted time together due to the generous paid family leave Mr. Zieve provides to all employees. His company's annual holiday party features kid-friendly activities, and he highlights the milestones of his employees' families alongside the company's successes that year.

Many company heads celebrate their success by buying mansions, fancy cars, and sending their kids to exclusive schools out of town. Not Mr. Zieve. He lives down the road from his company, drives an average car and sends his children to public schools.

Instead, he makes large donations to benefit our city's youth – including a $200,000 donation to the Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club – and gives his company's profits right back to local families, including $117 million in profit sharing just to non-management employees.

It is incredibly disingenuous to dredge up and misrepresent personal matters from years ago, or spread falsehoods from a single bitter relative to suggest Mr. Zieve lacks family values. Mr. Zieve has been prioritizing local families and our community's youth years before his campaign, and our city would benefit from his perspective on our council. He has my vote Aug. 1.


Amanda Uphaus
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